Empowering Rural Women and Promoting their Integration

As part of its efforts to promote the integration and economic and social empowerment of rural women, the Youth Association for Culture and Development, in partnership with the National Agency for Literacy, organized a training program in pastry making for women in rural areas. The program targeted women from Douar Loulijja in Meharra commune and Douar Ahbaben Bourgh in Ida Oukane commune.

Program Objectives:

  • To empower women with pastry making skills

  • To develop their ability to manage small businesses in this field

  • To improve their income and social status

  • To enhance their self-confidence and self-reliance

Target Audience:

  • Women beneficiaries of literacy programs in Douar Loulijja, Meharra commune, and Douar Ahbaben Bourgh, Ida Oukane commune.

Program Content:

  • Theoretical training in pastry making

  • Practical applications in equipped workshops

  • Continuous assessment of beneficiaries' progress

  • Support and guidance for beneficiaries in establishing their projects


  • Beneficiaries acquired new skills in pastry making

  • They became capable of managing small businesses in this field

  • Their income has improved significantly

  • Their sense of self-confidence and self-reliance has been enhanced

Training Meeting with Literacy and Post-Literacy Facilitators:

  • Held on Monday, October 3, 2016

  • Aimed to communicate with facilitators and train them in classroom management and work methodology

  • All necessary tools and supplies were distributed

  • The association provided all the necessary conditions for the success of this meeting

Positive Impacts:

  • Empowered women with new skills applicable in their daily lives

  • Improved job opportunities and provided a sustainable source of income

  • Enhanced their self-confidence and self-reliance

  • Contributed to improving the standard of living for families

  • Promoted the integration of rural women into society

Challenges and Obstacles:

  • Limited financial resources

  • Difficulty reaching some rural women

  • Low awareness of the importance of vocational training

Future Aspirations:

  • Expanding the program to include other communities

  • Strengthening partnerships with various stakeholders to empower rural women

  • Providing more training and rehabilitation opportunities for women

The Pastry Making Training Program is a successful model for empowering rural women and promoting their economic and social integration. The program emphasizes the importance of cooperation between different actors to achieve these goals.