Language Training

Training courses in the French language

The youth association in Morocco organizes training courses in the French language. French is considered one of the official languages in Morocco and holds great importance in various fields such as education, work, and culture.

Training professionals who are fluent in French as a native language is an important step in enhancing the level of the French language in Moroccan society. This can contribute to improving employment opportunities and international communication, as well as enhancing understanding and interaction with French culture and French-speaking communities around the world.

Although the specific prices for the training courses depend on the association organizing them and their financial capabilities, the cost is usually nominal for the participants. These courses are generally designed to be affordable and suitable for young people who wish to learn the French language.

Training courses in the English language

The English language is considered one of the most important languages in the world. Due to the increasing demand for it, the Youth Association offers a rare opportunity for children and youth to receive training and speak English through native English-speaking trainers, at affordable prices.

The association aims to enable children and youth to acquire and develop their English language skills and enhance their abilities to communicate and interact with the Arab and global world.

This rare opportunity aims to provide a stimulating and encouraging learning environment for young people to learn English and use it confidently and skillfully in various aspects of life and careers.

Training courses in the German language

The association also offers training courses in the German language with the same advantages. The association recognizes the importance of the German language and understands the increasing demand for it. Therefore, it provides rare opportunities for children and youth to receive training and practice speaking German through native German-speaking trainers.

These courses are offered at affordable prices with the aim of enhancing participants' German language skills, promoting effective communication, and fostering cultural exchange between the Arab world and the German-speaking community.

The association creates a supportive learning environment where participants can develop their linguistic abilities and gain confidence in using the German language in various personal and professional contexts.