Literacy: A Step Towards Empowering Rural Women

Illiteracy is one of the major challenges facing communities, especially in rural areas. To overcome this phenomenon, concerted efforts are being made by various actors, including civil society associations and government institutions. In this context, the Youth Association for Culture and Development organized the Literacy Program for the 2016/2017 season in partnership with the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training in Taroudant, the National Agency for Literacy, and in coordination with a group of associations.

Objectives and Results:

The program aimed to combat illiteracy among rural women in the city of Taroudant and its suburbs, empower them with reading, writing, and arithmetic skills, and enhance their sense of self-confidence and participation in society.

Target Audience:

The program targeted illiterate rural women in 7 rural communities and the city of Taroudant, with 300 beneficiaries.


The program included various activities, such as:

  • Literacy classes

  • Recreational and cultural activities

  • Workshops on topics of interest to rural women

  • Field visits

  • Awareness-raising meetings

Positive Impacts:

The program led to positive results, including:

  • Reducing the illiteracy rate among rural women

  • Improving reading, writing, and arithmetic skills among beneficiaries

  • Enhancing their sense of self-confidence and participation in society

  • Empowering them with better opportunities in work and life

Challenges and Obstacles:

The program faced some challenges and obstacles, including:

  • Limited financial resources

  • Difficulty accessing some rural areas

  • Lack of awareness of the importance of literacy

Future Aspirations:

The Youth Association for Culture and Development aims to expand the program to include other communities and strengthen partnerships with various actors to combat illiteracy and achieve sustainable development in the community.

The Youth Association for Culture and Development's Literacy Program is a successful model of cooperation between various actors to combat this phenomenon. The program emphasizes the importance of empowering rural women and enhancing their role in society.